Friday, October 17, 2014

About Our Patterns

All of our patterns are either of our own invention, or of a reimagined/improved design found online. On occasion we may post someone else's design, but we will never take credit for it, and a link or description will be made available.

The following is just a little bit about how our patterns are set up:

We go for the small. As I am sure you know, there are some HUGER perler designs online. While we may go there one day, but probably not, all of our patterns are designed to fit onto one large, square peg board. The idea is that these designs can either be played with by small children or made into a magnet, jewelry, etc.

Below is a key to all of the colors that we use:

All of these colors can be purchased as the 1,000 piece bags. Both the bags and the buckets have other options as well, but these are the ones that we have chosen to use. In some places on the Key it can be difficult to distinguish from color to color, so each pattern will also have its own "mini key" in order to help with these distinctions. 

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